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Beaming Tooth Bling Training Package (Tooth Gems

$1,150.00 - $2,300.00

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Elevate A Smile and Your Finances Now, By Mastering A New Skill!
Start By Taking Our Accelerated Training, That’ll Set You Apart From Any Competitor. Learn My Techniques and Tricks To Providing The Best Customer Experience, That Will Lead To Continued Revenue. Learn My Techniques along with the Tips & Tricks I Use To Establish A Long Lasting Bond.
Class Is Beginner Friendly, and Prepares You To Be The Best At This Rapidly Growing Money Making Business.
A Cosmetic Non-Invasive Procedure That takes 15-30 minutes for application, using our professional high grade bonding agents, and only Authentic Premium Lead Free Swarovski Crystals 💎
Can Last 1 month to a year
Start or Add to any business

3 Hour TRAINING Curriculum Includes:
- Detailed Training Manual
- Live Demo (1 On 1)
-Virtual Model Practice (using a standard teeth model)
-Information On Bonding Agents
-A Complete Professional kit for your first 120 clients

- 1x Pack Of Bonding Agents
- 1x Curing LED Light
- 1xBeaming Blower
- 8x Kits
- 150 Authentic Lead Free Swarovski Crystals (3 different sizes)
- 100 AB Swarovski Crystals (2 sizes)
- 1x Gold Gem
- 1x Pack Of Cotton Rolls
- Applicator Pen
- Protective Glasses
- Client consent form & Aftercare Instructions
- Certificate Of Completion
The Total price is $1150
All Payments are Non-Refundable!
**Check State For Any Restrictions
**••Please Note Glove Size When Purchasing••
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